Clock out of sync

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Last Updated: Mar 11, 2014 07:37 PM GMT


My grandfather clock chimes the hour strike at the 1/4 hour time. Also the tie is off 7 minutes.

Please help, thank you


Remove the minute hand from the clock. You will note the minute hand is held to its staff by a nut. Remove the nut and the hand will pull straight out. Replace the hand on its staff to a position 15 minutes early, secure it in the new position with the hand nut. For example the hand is pointing at 3, you take the hand off its shaft and replace it in a position pointing to 12. By doing this you will have brought your clock back into synch. Set the clock to the correct time and you should be done. As to, "Also the tie is off 7 minutes", I don't know what you mean. Is the clock running fast or slow, if so by how much? For example is it gaining 7 minutes in a week or what?


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