Clock repair?

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Do you repair clocks? If so, how do I send mine to you? It is a Alaron 31 day pendulum clock anout 24" long. Also is there any way I could get an estimate. It has run perfectly for 27 years until recently.


Hi, Elizabeth. Thanks for the question. First, I have to say that to stay within the Allexperts guidelines, I do not advertise or emphasize my shop service or the availability of vintage clock parts. This is basically an advice forum. However, if you cannot find parts anywhere else or do not have a clockmaker near you, I will ask you to contact me at my shop address and we can discuss it then. I do have a list of my Internet Clocksmiths Group and can try to find someone near you. Also I provide contacts for clock supply houses.

Concerning your clock, it is an Asian 31 day that often requires service that is beyond the acceptance of the clock owner. A lot of clockmakers will not take them in because of the extensive work required to warantee them. If I find one that is in very good condition I will restore it. Others I will recommend some alternatives, like movement conversions I do in my shop. If you will contact me at my shop email address below, we can check to see if there are any clockmakers near you, and if not I will give you the details of what I can do.

Note: Because of the number of Allexpert questions and follow ups, and the excessive backlog in my shop, I regret that I can only answer the Allexperts related questions in a timely manner.


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