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I bought a ridgeway 1984 limited edition grand father clock in mint condition for 200.00, a seth thomas 1860-1865 wall clock 40.00 and a sessions 1903 mantel clock 60.00 all in great working condition. my question is what is my best resource for getting information on value, production, history and so on about all of these clocks. the ridgeway is the hardest of all.


Peter, I do not know of a good and quick source for values of modern production clocks such as your Ridgeway clock. The best way I have found is to check an on-line auction site such as eBay for similar clocks. For the earlier clocks, if you can send me photos of the fronts of the clocks and back views of the movements, I may be able to give you some information on them. As per my Allexperts personal information, I do not give values.

(Due to the number of Allexperts questions and the workload I have at my clock shop, I regret that I cannot answer personal email questions on a timely basis other than Allexperts follow ups.)


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