Clock won't chime past 10 o'clock

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Hello William, I have a Kienzle Westminster Chiming Clock which chimes on each quarter hour and also counts the hours. The quarter hour counts are all fine. It chimes the correct hour count for 1 o'clock through to 10 o'clock. The problem is that it then also chimes 10 counts for 11 and 12 o'clock, after which it returns to the correct counting again at one o'clock. Please help me fix it. Thank you. Chris


If you know how, remove the hands and the face of the clock. Doing so will expose the clock movements frontplate and outer workings, i.e., the time works. If you can do this, replace the hands, leaving the dial off. Move the minute hand around, clockwise, to cause the clock to strike. You will not that each time the clock strikes a toothed ratchet lever falls down, a pawl with a pin in it begins to rotate moving the ratchet lever backwards , one tooth at a time. If the clock strike 5 the pawl will have rotated through 5 teeth allowing the 5 strike to occur. When you get to 11 the ratchet pawl only falls to expose 10 teeth. Something is preventing the ratchet from falling the needed 11 teeth. Careful observation will expose to you what is preventing the proper fall to occur. I am sure this cause will be apparent to you. If you can correct the problem yourself. If not describe the action to me and I will attempt to walk you through whatever needs to be done.


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