Code 1776

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My Diagnostic test came up with Code 1776. They are saying either Solenoid body, wiring to the solenoid, computer, or stuck LR scheduling valve. What do you think? My car is a 2006 Chrysler 300M.


Hi Jennifer, The most likely is that the solenoid valve, located in the valve body, is stuck in the L-R position. Fortunately, that can be serviced by dropping a pan on the underside of the transmission, removing the fluid filter, and then the valve body, and then servicing the valve body. No need to remove the transmission or any such major job. It has nothing to do with solenoid/pressure switch aasembly/body per se according to the manual for that is a different part though accessed the same way. I would check around to local transmission shops to find one that if familiar with the Chrysler trasnmission and will give you the best price to do the job and has a good reputation. If you or a family member is mechanical I can copy the pages from the shop manual on doing the job and attach those to an email I would send to you directly. Roland


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