Colonial grandfather clock

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Last Updated: Mar 11, 2014 07:37 PM GMT


Chimes on our Colonial of Zeeland Grandfather Clock seem sluggish even after recent oiling. We 'inherited' this clock and are assuming that the weights are correctly hung-when facing the clock, 'L', 'C' and 'R'. Would adding weight to the weight cylinder help with speeding up the chimes- also, would this be a recommended course of action?


If the movement has been oiled with the correct type of lubricant and the weights are on correctly (heaviest on the right) then the movement is most likely in need of cleaning and overhaul. Over time, oil on the movement bearings will become gummy & gritty, causing the bearings themselves to get rough and abrasion occurs in the brass hole the bearing is turning in. Less power gets through the train and the chime tempo slows. Adding more weight than it was designed to run with will only serve to speed up & increase bearing wear. Most movements should have this done @ every 15 yrs to keep them in good running condition.


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