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is there any chance to change the cell text color based on value? ex:- A1>1 = cell text color is black A1<1 = cell text color is Red Eran


You can do this with conditional formatting or regular number formatting. Try formatting the value this way (select A1 or all the cells you want this to happen in): Press ctrl/1, click Custom in the category list, enter this:



Hi Ariful i want to know how to write a formula for color the value in cell. Example. A1=x A2=y A3=A1+A2 i want to write a formula, if A3 value is 0 (zero) become red color.please help me out of this. thanks eran


conditional format

You would need to use conditional formating

1. Select Column or Cell "A3"

2. Click "Format" on Tool Bar

3. Click on "Conditional Formating" on the Format Menu

4. Select "condition 1"

  Cell Value Is  + equal to + 0 

5. Click on format on "conditional Format Tab"

6. Select Pattern as "Red" and click Ok

See attached Image



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