Commercial-grade lighting fixture

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Commercial-Grade Lighting Fixture

Hello Ben, please assist me to identify a commercial grade lighting fixture and bulb type. The fixture I wish to identify is seen in the attached picture. I am also particularly interested to identify the bulb. As the picture shows, this bulb, when first turned on, glows a muted pink. Within two minutes, it begins changing to a bright orange. Finally at about five minutes, it shines a fiery orange which is at its full illuminant. This bulb I would approximate is 25 years old. Also, I am interested in the correct method to remove it without damaging it. Does this bulb type snap in or screwed in? Thank you for your assistance.


Alex The type of fixture you have is High Pressure Sodium,it gives off the Orange lite this is normally used in building security because the lamp stays a warm color and things can be seen a night allot better.The bulb screws in to a Mougal Base. These are common lamps and be purchased at the big box stores or any electrical supply house.


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