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Interior west side 40 inch slab opening into a 100 inch hall

Hello Mr. Bostick Please review an assignment I am doing as part of course of study at college. This picture attached is the interior set of double doors from a large open courtyard of the college. They were installed last year to make them wheelchair accesible and to allow egress from the courtyard. The doors on the other side of the courtyard swing into the courtyard (like normal to allow egrees from the building) but have been closed for the winter by a wood barricade. I have a 15 slide powerpoint presenstation I would like to send to you but I am not particularly handy with a computer. I would welcome any thoughts you have concerning both sets of doors and I am wondering if I should visit my local fire marshall. Sincerely Scott Matthews


Here, this would fall under the ADA regs. (Americans with Disabilities Act) CDA in Canada? LOL, not sure. Yes, the local fire marshal should be able to address this question. They would be familiar with the local ordinances. You may attempt to attach the PPT to an email, I'm on high speed so no problem with size. Email typically has a 10 MB limit though. Good Luck with your project. Dana


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