Compare data from 2 sheets?

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Good morning. I am trying to find either a formula or program that will take the information I have in one column on 1 worksheet and check a column in the other (2nd) worksheet and tell me if that item was found on the 2nd worksheet or not. These items are part numbers of products and will not always be in the same cell, just the same column. Here is information on the worksheets themselves: I get updates monthly and combine into one book and add formulas to calculate prices, etc. I want to make this general as I need to use it for multiple worksheets that are in the same general format. In the 1st worksheet(s) the column that holds the part numbers is B. For the other worksheet the column with the same data (part number) is either A or B depending on which sheet I use. I would like to use a macro or a formula to find whether the part number is listed anywhere on the other sheet or not, and just display a yes or no, true/false whatever or if it can go so far as to highlight the p/n that does not have a match on the other sheet that would be nice. (I don¡¯t understand VBA!). I have tried downloading some programs to do this for me but none have done what I actually want. Thank you so much.


you can use a formula like this


adjust the formula to your specific ranges and references

it will count how many times and specific value is on the other ranges, if it counts more than 0 then it means that part number is on that other column (TRUE) if not is not on that column (FALSE)

I guess you have an array of options to do this, but this would work for what you want.


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