Compare mutliple coulmns and assign an output

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I'm working on ansheet and comparing multiple columns to determine if a site to be eligible or not eligible for the program, the site can only have Failed one shop period or less. If the site Failed 2 times or more, they are not eligible. So based on the 3 shop periods shown, i'm trying to place either an 'eligible' or 'not eligible' in the empty column to the right.

SVB 2009 S1 2009 S2 2009 S3 Eligible or Not Eligible 2287241 PASS PASS PASS 2287332 PASS PASS PASS 2289734 FAIL PASS PASS 2290385 PASS FAIL PASS 2291441 PASS PASS PASS 2291664 PASS PASS PASS 2291730 PASS PASS PASS 2291920 FAIL PASS FAIL 2292019 FAIL FAIL PASS 2292134 FAIL PASS PASS

Can someone please assist in identifying a formulla to easily produce an output for this query.


This is the perfect use for a COUNTIF function. For example:


You can use the SUMIF and COUNTIF functions to add up or count values based on specific criteria, respectively.

Here is a free tutorial that explains how to use both:


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