Continuing 3 way switch and light

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Greg, Thanks for getting back to me so quick and here is how the light is wired. The poser comes into the light at the bottom of the stairs with a 12-2/g The red wires going to each switch are tied together. The black wires from each switch are tied together. The white wire from basement switch is tied to the black wire from power and the white wire from power and the white wire from upper switch are tied to the light This sounds confusing to me, but I am sure it is wired right since it has worked for a lot of years, since the house was built in the early 1960's. I am hoping there is power at the top switch that will let me put another light at the top of the stairs. Thanks so much for your help! Dave Rittenhouse


3 way switch

Something does not sound correct. Maybe I am misunderstanding you. Where are the two wires (black and white) from the light get connected?

I am sending you a diagram of how these are typically wired. It sounds like you have red and black as travellers, usually red and white are used but it is okay.

Anyway, it does not sound like you have a neutral at the top switch so you will not be able to add a light from it.


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