Coocoo clock chains

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My mother was attempting to 'wind' her coocoo clock by pulling the chains. I believe she may have pulled one chain too far and now it is stuck. the clock isn't running now. Any suggestions?


Daphne, if the weight hook on the chain isn't jammed in the bottom of the case, I don't think it is really stuck. Something else could be wrong. Sometimes when a wall clock is wound it gets tilted slightly so the clock is out of beat, meaning it does not have an even tick tock. Start the pendulum and listen for an even beat, like tick....tock....tick....tock. If it goes tick..tock......tick..tock, it is out of beat and will stop. Tilt the clock so it back in beat and see if it runs. If not, get back with me and we will see what else we can do. The Village Clocksmith Old Prattvillage Prattvillle, Alabama


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