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Hello Bob,

I currently have an electric cooktop/downdraft combination that I am changing to a gas cooktop and separate pop-up downdraft. (kitchenaid) in an island. The island currently has 3 circuits wired into it. (1) A 20A GFI circuit that has 2 receptacles in the island and a additional 2 receptacles not in the island (2) A standard 20A circuit with 1 receptacle in the island and 7 additional receptacles not in the island (in a dining room) (3) For the electric cooktop there is a 240V 30Amp circuit with breaker and following wires (red, black, white, ground (bare)).

For the new installation trying to determine what is the best way to make use of these circuits. (1) Need to wire a receptacle for the gas cooktop burners. Install manual says the following ¨C ¡°A 120 volt, 60 Hz, AC only, 15-amp, fused electrical circuit is required. A time-delay fuse or circuit breaker is also recommended. It is recommended that a separate circuit seving only this cooktop be provided.¡±

But I don¡¯t see why it must be on a separate circuit

(2) I need to have 3 receptacles in for the island . (3) Need to wire for the downdraft. Install manual says the following- A 120 Volt, 60 Hz., AC only 15-amp fused, electrical circuit is required. Check with a qualified electrician if you are not sure the downdraft vent is properly grounded. The downdraft vent must be connected with copper wire only. The downdraft vent should be connected directly to the circuit breaker (or fused disconnect) box through flexible armored or nonmetallic sheathed copper cable. Allow some slack in the cable so the downdraft vent can be moved if servicing is ever necessary.¡±

Therefore it appears that downdraft does not need to be on a separate circuit.

My question is should I make use of the 240V feed or can I just wire the downdraft and gas cooktop on the GFI or possibly split the downdraft and cooktop between the 2 20A circuits one GFI and one standard..

So for example have all the island receptacles and gas cooktop on the 20A GFI and the downdraft on the other 20A circuit?

Does it make sense to use the 240V circuit? Or is this not necessary. If yes how to I rewire from a breaker panel which has 2 - 30A breakers tied together (one is a common trip) to say a junction box that will split out the 120V feed to the downdraft and stove?


You shouldn't really mess with the outlets that are there. The code requires at least two 20 amp circuits foe the kitchen and dining room.

Your best bet is to probably replace the the double 30 amp breaker with a double 15 amp breaker. At the island, connect the stove top to the white and black and the downdraft to the red and white. Be sure the white wire is secure, because if it comes loose the two circuits will be in series with each other at 220 volts, which you don't want. Connect the grounds to each circuit too.


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