Copy array of worksheets.

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I am new toprogramming. I have one workbook, which is having a sheet containing names of all worksheets (except itself), in a column (say A1 to A15)of sheet1. I have another workbook also, which is containg all worksheets (named in column (A1 to A15)). all i want is, a procedure which will take names from this array of sheets names( A1 to A15) and copy data from that sheet and paste it to the sheet in anothet workbook, with same name.


Dim myxl as workbook Set myxl=activeworkbook Dim sheetNameVar(14) as string Dim looper as long For looper=0 to 14 Sheetname(looper)=cells(looper+1,1).value Next ¡®then activate the other workbook ¨C don¡¯t know if this is already open so I¡¯ve left this line for looper=0 to 14 activeworkbook.sheets(looper(0)).range(¡°A1:Z200¡±).value=myxl.sheets(looper(0)).range(¡°a1:Z200¡±).value next


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