Count function?

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Suppose I have a list of parts in col. A and their costs in col. B on 3 worksheets (they are in numerical order) Sometimes the cost will be different if the part comes from 2 different suppliers, therefore there will be a 2nd row for the same part number with different cost. I was wondering if there's a formula I can use to type in a part # and see how many occurances there are on all 3 sheets? The reason is I have a lookup function that will return the cost when I type in the part number, but it only returns the first occurance, and I would need to know if there is a 2nd line with a differnt cost for that part #. Hopefully this makes sense. Greg


You can find out how many rows contain a certain text, like; =COUNTIF(Sheet1!A:A,"PART#123")+COUNTIF(Sheet2!A:A,"PART#123")+COUNTIF(Sheet3!A:A,"PART#123")

Does that help?


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