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I was hoping you'd be able to help me create a label program. What I want to create are labels that have the general format "##-ABCD-123456-1(1)", with the number in parenthesis sequentially increasing, so say 1(1) to 1(80) on one label sheet. I would need the ability to change the first 2 "##" as well as the 6 numbers in the middle "123456" and the number right before the parenthesis "1" while keeping the rest of the sheet constant (this ability would come into play when I use the labels on a different day).


01-ABCD-123456-1(1) 01-ABCD-123456-1(2) 01-ABCD-123456-1(3) and so on, to be printed on Avery clear mailing labels (80 labels to a sheet). How would I create something like this in Excel?



A1: ## a2: ABCD a3: 123456 a4: 1

then in A6 =$A$1&"-"&$A$2&"-"&$A$3&"-"&"("&$A$4+ROW()-6&")"

then select A6 and drag fill it down the column.

when you need to change one part, change it in the appropriate cell.

Now go to Microsoftand install the Avery Label Maker Addin (you can get it from the Avery site if you don't already have it - and Avery knows their labels better than we do). then set up your labels. I am sure it will allow you to useas the source for your data -mail merge/label does.


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