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I am managing a large patient database and I want it to be user-friendly such that doctors may search for their patients with ease without having to scroll through many pages of data.

I want to make a drop down list that, when you select an item from the list, will display information regarding the patient stored on a separate comprehensive sheet. This is really a search and display question.


I just answered a very similar question, this should help you you will need two sheets: 1.- put all the data, make sure to put those dropdown list values on the first column (A:A), and that every column have a heading (let's call this sheet "DATA") 2.- desing your template, put all information you want about the patient(from now on TEMPLATE)

the Template sheet of my example have the dropdown list on cell B2, for that I have created a dropdown list from data validation along with a dynamic defined name I have prevously define that dynamic name with this formula following these steps: a. go to insert- name - define. b. on "refer to" field write this formula: =OFFSET(DATA!$A$1,1,0,COUNTA(DATA!$A:$A)-1,1)

Afterwards An cell A3, A4 and A5 of TEMPLATE I have the headings which I want to be looked up! And I have formulated B3 like this: =VLOOKUP($B$2,DATA!$A:$D,MATCH(A3,DATA!$1:$1,0),0) and then I copied it over the rest of the cells at right hand of the headings

Follow this step by step and you will have what you want. please follow up if you need further help


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