Cruise control not working

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we have a 2005 sebring 2.7 L the cruize has been working great untill 3 days ago. The light comes on when you start the car however you cannot turn it on at the switch ! Is there a fuse or relay somewhere that may have gone out ?


Hi Dreamer, The light (for the cruise control) coming on when you start the car: Do you happen to know if that is new, or has it always done that, and then I assume turned off shortly thereafter, correct, or is that 'new'? If that is the case, then the issue is really why won't the cruise control engage? You could take a look at fuse #7 in the fuse box behind the left end cap of the dash but the light is a;so powered by that fuse so it probably is OK. If that is OK, then I suspect that the electrical connection between the cruise contro switch on the steering wheel and the wires that run down the steering column has failed. That flexible connection is called the 'clockspring'. It is fairly easy to remove the steering wheel and then the clockspring if you want to do this yourself. Before starting on that I might suggest that you get a free fault code readout at a nationwise parts store such as Autozone just in case the engine contol module has recognized the problem and stored a 4-digit number about the specifics it has noticed. Let me know if you find any such number to be present. If you want to then replace the clockspring let me know and I can copy the pages from the manual and send them to you attached to an email. Please 'rate' my answer (see below). Thanks, Roland


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