Cyst/tumor in tear duct?

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I have a small lap dog, possibly a Yorkie mix. She had a benign tumor removed from one of her legs a couple of months ago. I just noticed a round(ish) lump/bump next to the inside corner of one of her eyes. It is definitely under the skin and moves around when I push on it. It's not large enough to obstruct vision and she doesn't move a muscle when I touch it. Could it be a cyst/tumor? And could it be related to the tumor she had removed previously? She's my first little dog and I know they're prone to certain skin conditions, I just didn't know if this might be one of them.


While it could be a cyst/tumor of some type, it is not related to the one she had removed. Sounds more like she could have a lacrimal (tear) duct blockage. We have even seen grass awns and seeds get into the tear ducts and form lumps months after the dog got them. We once flushed out 7 foxtail's from a Schnauzer's eye years after it had gotten them into the tear ducts. So I would have it looked at for sure but it's not an emergency. If the eye starts to tear excessively or she develops a green discharge from her eye then I would take her in right away. Another thing to watch for is a bad tooth. The roots of the teeth can get infected and then cause a lump/abscess near the eye but it usually is closer to the outer bony part on the cheek. Just something to watch for.


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