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how can i enter a 4 digit number in one cell and depending on that number populate three other cells with the correct numbers. for example i enter 6204 in c15 and d14, d15, d16 enter the numbers .0001 .7878 .7875


Good day,

If the three different cells always are the same and you have a lot of different 4 dig cells that will be entered, you can create a table on a different sheet and just use the VLOOKUP function for cell d14,d15 and d16.

But please explain your question a bit more if my info didn¡¯t really help you. I might be able to help you if you explain the question more.



We are having the person input their mailing address and then asking if the mailing address is also their billing address. If not, then we need them to input their billing address. So how can I get something like the following to work.

A1=Street Address A2 asks if the billing address the same as in A1 If A2=yes then A3=A1 If A2=no then person types in their billing address into A3



in A3 put in the formula


so this formula will make the cell appear blank until an entry is made in A2. If the entry in A2 is not yes, then it will continue to appear blank. The user will need to select A3 and type over the formula. If A2 contains yes, the formula will display the value in A1.


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