Deadbolt Removal

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Arrow Deadbolt Removal

I aam trying to replace an existing Arrow deadbolt with keyholes on both sides of the door. I can't find any screws except the two on the side of the door holding the deadbolt plate on. But even after removing those I was unable to get that plate off and see inside the door. On the interior side of the lock there are holes where one would expect screws to go, but they are completely flat like flathead nails. How do I remove this deadbolt?


First, try to remove the faceplate on the edge of the door completely. There may be a small screw inside a hole to the side of the bolt that accepts an allen wrench. Insert the wrench and lossen it a bit by turning it counter-clockwise a couple of revolutions. Then use the key to spin the cylinder. You can spin the cylinder by inserting they key in, twisting it slighlty, and then pulling it out a bit for toerque. Turn the key counter-clockwise and the cylinder should start to come out.

Secondly, it is possible that the smooth flat place that you noticed where screws would go are likely just caps hiding the screws. Try tapping or prying them out to see if the screws are underneath.

If that fails, often you can expose the screws holding an Arrow deadbolt by turning the key on the interior side slowly and watch to see if it exposes the screw heads.

Amerock Deadbolt Removal

I have an older Amerock deadbolt lock that I am trying to replace. I can't find screws on the faceplate of the deadbolt. I applied some pressure but don't want to damage the door. How do you take Amerock deadbolt off?


Try to remove the plate at the edge of the door surrounding the bolt. Underneath there should be 2 small holes at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions that can be loosened with a small Allen wrench. You then should be able to remove the cylinder by inserting the key half way into the cylinder and turning it counter-clockwise. You may have to do this for the other side for a double cylinder deadbolt.

If that doesn't work, the srewheads may be hidden by a trim plate surrounding the cylinder. Insert the key, turn it a bit to apply torgue and then pull out. Often this will allow you to pry off the trim plate.

If there are small holes in the trim plate, try inserting they key and turning to see if it exposes screw heads as you turn.


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