Dedicated circuit for washer/dryer

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QUESTION: I am having my main electrical panel replaced in the house. The electrician suggested to also replace the existing duplex outlet in the laundry room to dedicated line and separate breaker. The panel and the house was built in the 50's. Now the washer/dryer share one outlet and breaker. It is necessary to do it? It yes, do I have to replace it now or can do that later? Thanks for your reading and answer. Sam

ANSWER: While they are doing the work have it done now as later on it will cost twice that or maybe more. At least get the wires run to the boxes.The washer and dryer should not share a outlet,unless it is a combo dryer/washer unit then even then you may need 2 circuits.

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QUESTION: Ok. Not sure you can advise on this but he quoted me $almost 500 just to run the wire. Is that a good price? THanks again for the reply and answer.


That seems a little high I know wire has gone up but that seems allot. What you can do is figure out how far the wire run is. Then go to a place that sells wire check the price per ft. Now you also have to figure their overhead also as they are in business to make money,but not on 1 or 2 jobs.


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