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QUESTION: Hi Sixth Sense I am back again with one more question for you. Can we assign a default value to a cell which can be changed by the user?

ANSWER: Yes we can. Just clarify how you would like to set the default value and what will be the default value. Whether it is for a range of cells or whole sheet cells?

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QUESTION: Take this as an example. Say cell A1 has the invoice number, B1 has the invoice date and C1 has the invoice receipt date. I want to assign the default value of cell C1 to be B1 but this can be changed by the user. If this can be done then how? I would also like to know if 2 or more columns can be viewed in a single drop down list? - Raj


In C1 cell type = and refer it to B1 cell and if the user want to change it then delete the formula and input your desired date. No other go...

2 or more columns can be viewed in a single drop down list? For this what i would suggest is, just concatenate the 2 columns using Concatenate function or using =A1&B1 and use the concatenated range in your validation list.


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