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I have a problem... I am usingXP.

I have the following spread sheet

ID Name Value Description at45 ROB 45 xyw at57 kl 87 huh at66 ROB 65 uio at98 ROB 54 xyw at65 ji 35 gh at3 kl 21 huh at96 ROB 54 xyw

Under the Column header "Name" I have several replicates (twice, thrice etc). I need only ONE of them (first will do). But I need the whole row of that one. I need also the ones which are not replicates. Could you help we out with this? robmac


Select the Name column, use Data/Filter/Advanced Filter, select "Copy to another location", in the Copy To, click in an empty area (like G1), then click the checkbox "Unique records Only". You will see this list in G1:G4 (given your example) Name ROB kl ji

Copy A1:D1 over to F1. in F2, enter this formula, fill down: =INDEX(A:A,MATCH($G2,$B:$B,0)) Copy this to H2 & I2 -- that is, in H2 you'll see =INDEX(C:C,MATCH($G2,$B:$B,0)) and I2 will be =INDEX(D:D,MATCH($G2,$B:$B,0))

Then copy F1:I4 and paste values on top of your original range. Clear F:I



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