Distribute data from master sheet to other sheets

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Thanks for your help. Can you help me in a simple code. I have prepared a simple master task sheet putting the name of employee to whom it has been allocated. I have also added tabs of each employee so that they can go directly to their own tabs to look for their tasks. I want to code the tasks in master sheet so that the respective employee tabs should automatically update.

Please guide



I would say create pivot tables based on the master sheet on the individual sheets and make sure you refresh the data after you make new entries.

Another approach would be to use formulas

Look at these two articles to see how to do something similar. (both written by Ashish Mathur


shows how to use a combination of index and match when the lookup value in not in the leftmost column of the lookup range (as required by vlookup)

http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel/HA012260381033.aspx?pid=CL100570551033 shows how to return multiple values for a single lookup value.

If you were looking for a macro, you haven't given enough information to even start writing a macro. Also, this would be fairly sophisticated - are you a proficient macro writer? Macros don't just exist with no maintenance. If the conditions change, you would need to update the macro.


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