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Hey Doc, I am just giving you a little update on our dog's elbow, the blood test came out negative of cancer. I am gonna get a copy of it and would like to email it to you....they said it is hydrocoma or something like that (don't think i have the name entirely right)....what can you tell me about that and a cream called endovet (for the elbow) it was recommended.thanks.


You can call me hey Tech, as I am not a doctor but a Registered Veterinary Technician.

Is it a hygroma? A hygroma is a fluid filled, false bursa from trauma to a joint or extremity that is on a hard surface. Here is a detailed definition: A hygroma is a false bursa that develops over bony prominences and pressure points, especially in large breeds of dogs. Repeated trauma from lying on hard surfaces produces an inflammatory response, which results in a dense-walled, fluid-filled cavity. A soft, fluctuant, fluid-filled, painless swelling develops over pressure points, especially the olecranon. If longstanding, severe inflammation may develop, and ulceration, infection, abscesses, granulomas, and fistulas may occur. The bursa contains a clear, yellow to red fluid. If diagnosed early and if still small, hygromas can be managed medically via aseptic needle aspiration, followed by corrective housing. Soft bedding or padding over pressure points is imperative to prevent further trauma. Surgical drainage, flushing, and placement of Penrose drains are indicated for chronic hygromas. Areas with severe ulceration may require extensive drainage, extirpation, or skin grafting procedures. Use of intrahygromal corticosteroids is not recommended.

I don't know why the vet wiuld use something that is for heartworm prevention on the elbow. It is a cream form and used for chicken's legs but I have no idea what it will do for a dog's elbows. Let me know if the vet tells you!


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