Dog having periods even though she was spayed

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My dog was spayed a six months and she is now 2 years old. She is still having this normal?


No that is not normal. What do you mean by 'periods'? Is she in heat and bleeding? Is she attracting other dogs? Some veterinarians don't get the ovaries when they spay a dog or cat, especially if they are a new vet.

Some of them find it simply fine to take out the uterus only since the dog cannot get pregnant. But when it puts your dog at multiple risks, it is not a good thing.

Sometimes a small piece of the cervix is left behind but it's enough to cause the hormonal shifts that bring on a false estrus.

Are you still going to the same vet that spayed her? Have you asked him or her why this is the case?

I would go back there and explain to the vet that did the spaying that your dog is still showing signs of estrus and that you need to know why. Your dog may need to have another surgery to remove her ovaries if they are indeed still intact but it will remove the problem for good. Good luck and let me know what you find out.

Vince: I totally understand you wanting a second opinion. I think you should get one-after all it's your dog! Let me know what you find out and I hope she does well. take care.


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