Dog licking problem

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Our Chihuahua's penis protrudes from the sheath. We've tried everything including a surgery by a competent vet, he's performed 3 others over the years. He opened the sheath a bit and attached the sheath higher up on his belly. It worked for approx 2 weeks. The problem is that our dog licks himself to erection several times a day and his penis never goes all the way in - causing blisters and other injury on the tip. Bandguard cream keeps him from licking but it's discontinued. "YUK" the replacement he loves. Help, any old tubes of Bandguard out there that I can purchase?? Thanks. Jann


I hope this dog is neutered. If he isn't-get him neutered and it could help some from the lessening of hormones. Other than that I have no advice and I know of no old tubes of Banguard out there. We used it too years ago and it worked great. Have you tried bitter apple? Other than him wearing an e-collar while you are gone, I can't help much, sorry.


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