Don't want to open file..

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I have manyworkbooks... which are connected with each other...using SUMIF functions..for example.. workbook A gets data from workbook B using SUMIF function...

Problem is that to get values form workbook B into workbook A, I must open that workbook B...otherwise i don't get values from workbook B into workbook A...

If that workbook B is closed..then in workbook A...i get cells where i have used formulas SUMIF...

What i can do to solve this problem..

Thank you.. waiting for reply sir..


I'm afraid you're going to either have to open workbook B, or pull in ALL the values from workbook B which are involved in calculating the SUMIF, then have the SUMIF formula in workbook A. You can pull in the value with direct links. If Microsoft designed the function to be able to get the values from closed workbooks with SUMIF, then you wouldn't be getting the #VALUE! error, but clearly that's not the case.


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