Door glass at balcony in a apartment house

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I wander to know whether the door glass at balcony in a apartment house should use safety glass or not. If yes, could you please tell me which standard should be available? And also, I want to know some information about the design standard of door glass at balcony in USA. Thanks.


Actually, I'm not going to answer your question myself. I'm going to refer you to someone who can answer it (although I would certainly never consider NOT using safety glass in a balcony door, and I imagine it is required.)

I am going to give you a reference to a top industry expert. He is Donn Harter, of the California Glass Association. Please tell him that I referred you (Sharon Toji). Donn Harter, President & Director of Technical Services California Glass Association Phone: 530/642-0992 Fax: 530/642-0993 Email: Web:


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