Downstream outlet from gfci not working

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Benny, In my kitchen I have a gfci outlet wired properly and functioning. There is only one outlet downstream and it doesn't work. I know there is a connection because I accidentally crossed the black and white wire on the outlet and the gfci tripped. What can be the reason the outlet doesn't work. Also the gfci had previously been repeatedly tripping until I removed the black wire from the downstream outlet. Once that was removed the gfci worked fine. Even when reconnected the downstream outlet the gfci worked fine but the downstream continued not to work


A GFCI measures the difference of current flow between the "hot" (black) and neutral (white) conductors. If the current going does not equal the current coming back it trips.

If you disconnect the wires on the load terminals and the GFCI works...the problem is downstream, right?

This problem has to be either in the downstream wire or receptacle. The receptacle is easiest to check by replacing with a new one. Also, check the wires in BOTH boxes to make sure none are nicked or frayed. If after doing this it still trips, then the wire in the wall is bad.


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