Driver seat belt: safety interlocked? '10 t&c

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I own a 2010 Chrysler Town & Country Touring Van. Yesterday I went to put the driver set belt on and it only came over half way and locked and could not latch it into the connector and it would not retract back to the home position. I can not use the car without the set belt and would like to know if this is covered by Chrysler for repair because it is a Federal safety law.


Hi Michael, I suspect that this is covered under warranty but you might get it going again so it won't need to be towed. Does the owner manual say anything about a temporary 'over-ride' of the system? Sorry to say I don't have the manual so new as a '10 but my newest manual (for '07) does show that the restraint system does have an 'occupant restraint controller' (orc) mounted in the dash near the cigar lighter/power socket that looks after whether the seat belt is in use if the seat is occupied. I would wonder if the fuse for that controller might be blown. The wiring diagrams don't specify exactly which fuse powers the orc. But if you check out all the fuses for continuity you may find one that is blown and that may be why you have this problem. I can tell you which wires at the orc plugs to check for the presence of 12V if that would be of help. It might also be related to the sensor wires at the driver seat, and I can tell you about those as well. Roland


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