Driver side mirror 1990 cadillac brougham

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I need to figure out how to tighten the driver side mirror head to the stem? I cant get to the screw with any of my screwdrivers.

Is there some way to remove the mirror glass to gain access inside? I bought the 1990 Cadillac Brougham service manual but it only shows how to remove the whole mirror assembly from the door not how to access inside the mirror head.

The glass isn't broke and the power adjustment works fine, it's just loose and wobbly. Thanks



The reason you see the screws is because that is how the mirror was assembled at the factory before installing the glass, the black plastic mirror backing and the string cables. It is not a servicable assembly. You would find if you got the glass off without breaking it, which you can lightly applying a heat gun, you have gotten nowhere because you still have the black plastic back plate in the way and if you pull that off, you just broke it anyway and it is not going back together.

I know, because I tried fixing one before and it simply will not work without breaking the plate.

Your best off trying to get used or after market and paint to match if in color. Whatever you do, don't buy it from Cadillac! They are out of their minds on price! Its been too long for me to remember if the door glass has to come out, but in most cases I could pull the trim panel and get to the bolts behind the glass, or you may just have 3 easy accessed studs in which all you need to do is remove the trim panel. At any rate, should be about $50 bucks at a junk yard and you might even find it in theright color.

Good Luck!


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