Driving lights stay on: '96 neon

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QUESTION: Came home from work today and my driving lights stayed on. I know that I need to disconnect the driving light relay to turn them off, but I don't know where it is. Please help me.

ANSWER: What is the year/make/model/body style of the vehicle?

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QUESTION: Sorry 96 neon

ANSWER: Hi Sharon, There is no headlamp (driving) light relay. The headlamps are directly wired to the headlamp switch so if it is in the off position the lamps should be off. If not, then either the switch is defective OR it is the daytime running lamps (if the car was first sold in Canada) that are staying on (those should be dimmer than the normal driving lights on 'low'). If you think it is the headlamp switch is not shutting off the lamps, then see if they go brighter when you try HI position on the multifunction switch. If so, then you can remove fuse 3 in the power distribution box to kill the headlamps and get a new switch. If it is the daylight running lamps that are staying on, then either both the ignition switch is falsely in the 'run' position and the parking brake is off (which is what activates the DRL system) so you could put on the parking brake which should shut them off and then see what is wrong with the ignition switch) OR the daylight running lamp module has gone defective. That module (which I guess you could call a 'relay' as you did) is located behind the radio. To get to that and remove it you would open the ash receiver under the radio, then reach into that opening and pull rearward on the bezel panel that surrounds the radio to release the bezel. Then remove the 2 screws on the sides of the radio and pull it rearward which will reveal the box-like DRL module which has a black 10-pin (actual 7 wires) plug. Lift tab on edge to release the plug. Alternatively, pulling fuse #11 in the fuse box under the dash will turn off the DRL but also shut down the instrument cluster and remote keyless entry. Let me know if this doesn't add-up. Please 'rate' my answer (see below) after you sort this out. Thanks, Roland

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QUESTION: I got the ashtray out but not the metal plate above it. How do I remove that?


Hi Sharon, I am working from both the '95 and '97 manuals and both say to use the access provided by opening the ash receptacle to insert your hand, and then using that access grasp the bezel and pull and the entire bezel that surrounds the radio, etc. and the bezel should be released from a couple of clips that hold it in place. You also might try prying with a soft stick around the edge of the bezel. Good luck. Sorry for the delay, it is dinnertime here on the west coast. Roland


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