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Hello Victor,

Trust all's well with you.

QUESTION: I'm a managing partner of a language school and we currently offer training of 10 languages. Each language has a different number of levels.(For example, English = 10, Arabic = 8, Japanese = 4, etc...)

I would like to create a sheet with a drop down list of the languages (which I know how to do using "Data Validation - List"; however, when I choose a language, I would like the column right next to it to only show the levels corresponding to that particular language.

For Example:

Cell A1 = English Cell A2 = Drop Down List of it's levels:

         English 1
         English 2
         English 3
         and so on

And when I choose Arabic Language in Cell A1, the corresponding levels for Arabic only show in A2.

Is this possible?

Would appreciate your response.

Thank you,



It is certainly possible.

Debra Dalgleish a MicrosoftMVP professional has an excellent guide on creating a Dependent Lists at her website Contextures.


Let me know if you have any problem and I'll be happy to assist.


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