Drop down lists not working after copy and paste

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QUESTION: Hello. I need to copy and paste data from one workbook to another. I have drop down lists which refer to data from a sheet called "lookup data." When I copy and paste from one workbook to the other, the drop down lists become broken because they are referring to the old workbook's "lookup data" sheet and not the current workbook's "lookup data" sheet. How do I fix/work around this issue? ANSWER: Nick

What is the sources of your drop down list? Are you using data validation, do you have listbox or combobox and if you have listbox or combobox is it embedded in the worksheet or part of a userform? Is the data refered to by the cell range or a range name?

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QUESTION: Hi Ken. I'm using data validation and the data is referred to by a range name. It appears that when I copy over a sheet from one workbook to an existing sheet in a master workbook it breaks the drop down list but if I copy and paste it into a new sheet in the master workbook it appears to work. Any ideas why?


Nick I don't understand what you mean by copy over a sheet. Are you copying en entire sheet to a new workbook? Are you copying just the cell with the data validation? Where is the named range that is used in the validation? Is it on the same worksheet as the validated cell? I have been unable to get the link to break under all the conditions I have tried.


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