Dryer cord modification

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Im living in the Philippines. I bought a U.S made whirlpool washer and dryer which requier a 220v electrical connection. Here in Philippines the electrical wiring is 220v all around not 110v like in the U.S, can I modify or change the big 3 prong electric cord to a regular/smaller 2 prong electric cord ? Thank you!


John, Unfortunatly, no. You will be overloading the smaller conductors of the circuit you connect it to. You need to wire a receptacle to you panel with cable that will handle the 30Amp load. You could buy the parts and pieces on line and have them shipped if they are unavailable locally. Rick Scott Master Electrician CES PO Box 126 Whitmore Lake, MI 48189 734-546-2089 electricrick@charter.net


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