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what if my outlet for my dryer only has 3 wires and no ground what can I do to install a new dryer ?


Victor, this is a problem for millions of people,

Two choices, one check your local codes, you are probably grandfathered, and can remove the dryer's four prong plug and replace it with a three prong,

next you have to run another circuit or another ground to the existing plug and change it to four prong

the people who sold it to you, will probably just dance around the problem, as they want no part of the problem

to help you, if your local code allows the three prong, and most do, because your home was built before the new four prong idea was put in place, it is the simple solution

plus, while there are studies on this, and another ground wire [not exactly the right term, but for talking purposes it is a ground] proves that "certain" types of ground fault failures are better handled with four wires, one neutral and one ground, it is not high on the probability list.

So while I have to support and make sure you do the right thing according to your local codes, for insurance reasons, and liability reasons, three wire appliances have been around forever, I personally have been part to, witness to, expert witness to, experienced most any type of fault you can think of, and not once have I seen a non four wire appliance failure cause any kind of grief,

We love making new rules,

So most likely you can get by with changing the new dryer plug, even use your old dryers plug,

Just run the two hots and neutral, clip off the new ground, or in some cases if the plug in is ran with conduit, you can extend the ground to the conduit if it goes back to the entrance ground buss,

if you need more help, let me know,



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