Dsum - criteria trouble

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Last Updated: Mar 05, 2014 09:26 PM GMT


I know and can use DSUM, but I need to do a DSUM calculation on a matrix using several rows which each is a part of the criteria. Is is possible to write the criteria directly to the DSUM-formula? It is not a solution to use the external criteria, as it uses 2 lines and keeping track of which line to use and when - is hopeless. I have a min-date, a max-date, an account and a criteria for below and above 0, so 4 criterias have to be fullfilled. My aim is to be able to just copy my formula in a column with the various criterias in cells in the same row....?




Most times, referring a cell in formula dynamically is possible by using INDIRECT, ROW, COLUMN formula innovatively. But I am not sure unless I see your sheet and understand requirement more accurately. If you can send the sheet to tsakhalkar(at)iitbombay(dot)org, with open mind (success not guaranteed), I can have a look.


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