Dynamic changes to the cells based on conditions

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Change in Arrow using Macro

QUESTION: Greetings!!!

How to Change background color of a cell based on the value of previous cell

For Example If value of cell is nagative, the color of adjucent cell must be Red, If value of cell is Zero, the color of adjucent cell must be Yellow, If value of cell is Positive, the color of adjucent cell must be Green,

Similarly, Can we insert the Arrow like art based on the value of previous cell.

ANSWER: On2007 you can do plenty wonderful things, including adding those arrows, bars, etc, and is very user friendly However, you can¡¯t do that on previous versions

to set up the conditional formatting you have to: e.g.: cell A1, needs to be either red, yellow or green based on value of B2 step into cell A1, then go to Format > conditional formatting Choose formula is: =B1<0 and then change the pattern to red, =B1=0 for yellow, and finally =B1>0 for green

then you can copy that conditional formatting using the drag which is the bottom right corner of the cell (but I am sure you already know this) it's important though, that you use relative references like B1, not absolute like $B$1

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your answer....

I planned to create simple macro in excel, to automatically change the direction and color of the arrow an shown in the image.

If it is not possible in Excel 2007, Please suggest the version in which we can get this feasibility, or kindly provide if there are any other options to get that. I have nearly 200 Rows to change the directions and colors of Arrows

I hope my problem will solved with your support.


Sorry, Maybe I confused myself

What I meant is IT IS possible in 2007, the conditional formatting menu on it has thousands of possibilities, from arrows, traffic lights, bars and others, just go to conditional formating.

You can follow through this link http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb286672(office.11).aspx


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