E. schmeckenbecher floor clock

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I was given a Schmeckenbecher floor clock and I have not been able to find out anything about it at all, what can you tell me about the value and where to have it repaired. It is not hitting all the chimes on the hour, it sounds like it is missing one in the middle. On the back plate is has 451-053 then 94cm over 66.00; do you know what these mean? It also has a 78 on it, but I believe that is the yr made. I would love any info you have. Thanks.


To get your clock repaired goto the following site <local.com> which will bring you to a menu asking what service you wish and the location in which you wish such services perfromed. In this instance you would enter the name of your community and that you want clock repair. Upon entering this will provide you with a listing of clock repair facilities in your community. As for interpretation of the back plate data it is telling you, The movement is made by Hermle and is their model 451-053, requires a 94cm pendulum with a speed of 66 beats per minute. The rest of the information stamped upon the backplate would provide the age.


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