Egr fault,keep alive memory reset

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In my subject,is what came up when scanned by one of the parts store computer diagnostics reader.When the guy asked his boss what it meant,he was told that the boss never heard of anything like it....So can you help answer the ? about what it is i need to do to get my Caddy running like she used too... thanks



Your guessing just like I am without knowing the year or model. First of all, I would put no credence in what a parts store guy saying he never saw this before, and I would be willing to bet there are many things he has not seen. He is a parts store guy, not a factory technician!

Man, I hawk this site so much, but you really need to go there-, pay the $30 to be a member and download the service manual for your car. This is a factory manual that will guide you through any problem with diagnostic flow charts. The down load is good for a year. It takes the guesswork out of this problem and future problems. This is where I go when I need information on a vehicle.

Good Luck!

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