Egr valve

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I have a 1996 Chrysler intrepid 3.5L i have a code come up po403 it says it is the Egr valve I was just wondering were it is located in my car and how do I clean it . Thank- you


EGR VALVE AND TRANSDUCER - 3.5L If the EGR system operates incorrectly, replace the entire EGR valve and transducer together. The EGR valve and electrical transducer are calibrated to match each other.

REMOVAL 1.Disconnect vacuum tube from transducer solenoid Electronic EGR Transducer - 3.5L 2.Disconnect electrical connector from solenoid. 3.Slide transducer up and out of mounting bracket. 4.Loosen, but do not remove, the EGR tube to intake manifold screws EGR Tube Upper Mounting Screws 5.The EGR valve attaches to the rear of the right cylinder head EGR Valve - 3.5L 6.Remove EGR tube lower screws at EGR valve. 7.Remove EGR valve mounting screws. 8.Remove EGR valve and transducer. 9.Clean gasket surfaces. Discard old gasket. If necessary, clean EGR passages. INSTALATION

4.Connect transducer solenoid to vacuum fitting on manifold. 5.Slide transducer into bracket. 6.Attach electrical connector to solenoid.


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