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QUESTION: In 1989 when we built our home we installed an ELCO Fireplace Insert. Recently the glass in one of the doors broke. I am told i need CERAMIC GLASS for replacement rather than tempered glass. Is that right, and if so where can I find it. It is 13" by 16"

ANSWER: start with the store you bought the stove from, then the internet then a local glass show.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: 1) The builder, who has since passed away, installed the ELCO fireplace, so I have no idea who the installer was. 2)Checked via the Internet and ELCO does not seem to exist any more, were they bought out by someone? 3) Checked with local fireplace retailers and got nowhere, hence my message to you, thinking that as an EXPERT in fireplaces you may have superior knowledge base.


Yes Tony I do have a superior knowledge base , the National Chimney Sweep Guild manual library and it does not list any thing about this model fireplace, if you can not find this unit's exact replacement doors you can not use aftermarket and the hole system must be replaced. there are and where literally dozens of these fireplace manufacturers that are no longer in business leaving many home owners like you in a very bad spot. no help no parts. the only hope you might have is if you live in a condo complex and some one has an owners manual and you can reach them. Jemes


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