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i have a 86 Cadillac roadster its all electric. Everything works but the dash display where the speedometer and such is. as of right now it is all blank? just wondering on a estimate on such a part or what other issues could be causing such a problem and if its worth purchasing since i got the car at $1200 has 120,000 miles. thanks for any advice.


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There is a whole host of things that can be wrong with the dash. As simple as a fuse to a new head unit for the cluster. these dashs were always problematic in their first years of use.

You could remove cluster and check the connections, reattach and it may work. Dealers used to use authorized stereo stores to repair the dash clusters and at that time (in the 80's) the price tag was $1,200.00.

You can't buy new parts for this because they were discontinued 20 years ago! If you found one in the junkyard, it may not work either.

Go for checking all fuses with a test light first and get back to me.



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