Elgin westminster chine regulator wall clock

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I a move I have lost the pendulum, can one be purchased? How, and where? Thanks, Gary Davis


Gary, it looks like you have a typo in the Subject. The word Chine would either be Chime or China. As it is a Westminster, I would imagine it is a chime clock, as there were few Chinese clocks with Westminster chimes. Yes, pendulums are available, but there are certain parameters that have to be met. I will need to know the following:

The information on the back of the movement. This will identify the maker and model of the movement. For example, a Hermle movement would have on different lines:

  D                 (or a number like 82)
 Elgin              (or the name Hermle)

These is a typical identification and I am just guessing at the numbers.

The type of pendulum you had (or want). It can be a wood stick with a plain polished brass bob, a lyre pendulum with alternating brass and steel rods with a Greek Lyre ornament above the bob, or about three rods and an R/A bob. It would be best to know the width of the inside of the case where the bob swings. You can send the information to my shop email address below and I can get you some answers.

Note: Because of the number of Allexpert questions and follow ups, and the excessive backlog in my shop, I regret that I can only answer the Allexperts questions at this time.



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