Emperor 101m grandmother clock

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QUESTION: John, I have the above model and have moved it. It has not run for over 5 years by choice. Now I want to start it and the clock runs for a few seconds and stops. I have read your suggestions re: leveling, and adjusting the pendulum swing all to no avail. Can you give me lube points for oil and/or grease. Is there a diagram available?

ANSWER: Alex, was the clock running before you moved it? Before we start lubricating it, I would be glad to talk to you while you are checking some things. Contact me at my shop email address below with your phone number and I'll be glad to call you or I will give you my shop phone number. Let me know.

Note: Because of the number of Allexpert questions and follow ups, and the excessive backlog in my shop, I regret that I can only answer the Allexperts related questions in a timely manner..

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes, it ran prior to the move.

My cell phone is: . I live on the west coast, so I believe we have a 3 hr difference. It might be better for me to call you so we can be certain I am with the clock when we speak. If so, please email your #. Thanks so much, I am looking forward to getting her going again.



Alex, as I explained above I need to have you contact me at my email address <klokdok@juno.com> so I can give you my phone number. I don't ask for or give out phone numbers on an Internet public forum. And I believe we are two hours apart, as I am in the Central Time Zone. Look forward to hearing from you.


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