Emperor grandfather clock chimes and manual

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My wife purchased a grandfather clock. The clock looks new and she did not give very for the clock. The woman she purchased it from said a child had pulled one of the chains to far up. It was out of the clock so I put it back by fishing a small wire around the gear. I believe it was the hour chime chain. This is all of the information on the back of the clock; 79, Made for Emperor Clock Company, by Hermle Black Forest Clocks, 451-050H,94cm/66. I set the clock up and it seemed to work fine. Then I noticed it was losing time and not chiming. I have read several of your answers and have the weights setup with the heaviest on the right as I face the front,have set the moon phase dial, and have turned the pendulum nut to the right several time to speed up the time. I almost have the time set but it still will not chime. I can hear it click on the quarter, half, and hour. If I put very slight pressure on the top of the chime weight it will chime. Do you know what the problem could be and also where I might find an owners and/or repair manual? Thank you for your help.


Sam, looks like you have done a good job in replacing the chain and regulating the clock. The "79" indicates the the year it was made, 1979. We don't know when the clock was last serviced, but it should be serviced every 7 to 10 years. After that, the lubricants can become gummy and start slowing down the chimes and affecting the other functions. The chimes will fail and the strike will not work if the chimes aren't functioning. Also there could be worn parts that need to be repaired. It would probably be best to have an experienced clockmaker evaluate and service it. I do have the movement manual for that movement. Contact me at my shop email address below, and I'll discuss the details with you. It would help if you could send me a clear photo of the back of the movement, as there were a couple of different versions, so I can choose the correct manual.


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