Emperor grandfather clock suspension arm assembly

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Dear Expert - My Emperor model 120, with movement 1151 - 050H, which I have just inherited, has a split Suspension Arm Assembly. In the instructions it is labelled (SA-160), and is a single unit. My one is a split arm with a knurled adjusting screw. Is there a correct way to hang the arm - screw to left, or to right? We are having a bit of trouble getting it to keep going!


If I understand the question right you have a adjusting screw on you pendulum assembly. You put the clock where it is going to be and start the pendulum swinging. You need to listen to the tic-toc of the clock. You are looking for a nice even tic toc tic toc tic toc. If you have TIC toc TIC toc then you need to turn the adjusting screw. I can't tell you which way to turn it because it would depend on which way it is out of beat. Just turn one way and the tic toc will get worse or better. You can do the same thing by tipping the clock to the left or the right. It is better to do with the adjusting screw.



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